Use Cases

Respond proactively to the vulnerabilities that impact your company by being early to notice them.

Active Vulnerability Scan

You do not need to allocate a separate budget for external vulnerability scanning. Cyberthint regularly offers an active and professional vulnerability scanning automation for your external assets every month.

(Passive) Vulnerability Tracking

Cyberthint provides product/word-based vulnerability tracking instantly for the products and technologies you use, regardless of whether they are in an external network or in your local network.

Critical Ports

In order to avoid disruptive breaches, regularly check your perimeter for important open ports like RDP. You may also quickly view and download an auto-generated report about exposed ports and network services by type, FQDNs, and IP addresses.

Threats from JavaScript

Detect unmaintained JS (third-party) libraries that often include XSS (Cross-site Scripting) and buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

Cryptographic Framework

By keeping an eye on your cryptographic infrastructure’s signature signing methods, the existence of insecure ciphers, certificate validity and expiry, and other factors, you may reduce your vulnerability to SSL/TLS attacks like the Heartbleed, POODLE, SWEET and FREAK.



Cyberthint is an unified cyber threat intelligence platform. Everything you need is on a single platform! With Cyberthint, you can monitor and identify advanced threats and take early action.