Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyberthint is an unified cyber threat intelligence platform that allows you to take precautions against cyber threats that may affect your company and employees in cyberspace.

Be aware of cyber threats targeting your organization in advance with Cyberthint’s advanced cyber threat intelligence technology!

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Data Leakage Monitoring

Our 24/7 working Cyberthint automation and experts conduct in-depth threat intelligence research for organizations in the dark sides of the internet. We are sure you will be amazed by the maneuverability of Cyberthint experts!

Attack Surface Detection

The digital attack surface of the institution is detected by OSINT (Whois, DNS, subdomains, mail address, open ports, vulns etc.) methods. Attackers, especially Ransomware and APT groups focus on your attack surface first!

Brand Monitoring

It is the detection and notification of the web pages opened, registered similar domain names and fraudulent social media accounts to imitate/threaten the brands owned by the organization before being used for any threatening purpose in an action.

Threat Hunting

Using Cyberthint's Sandbox solution with weaponized and powered by threat intelligence feed, you can scan files, hashes, IP addresses, domains and URLs for threat hunting.

Threat Database

IP addresses and domains which are acting as C2, performing various attacks, hosting/distributing malware, are presented to you instantly. This includes malware hashes and APT groups. Most importantly, these feeds are actionable intelligence!

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9 main modules and 25 sub-modules!
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How does it work?

For your digital assets defined in the Cyberthint system, by our constantly working automatic services and cyber intelligence analysts; in-depth research is carried out for you on platforms such as WWW, deep/dark web, underground forums, leaked databases, paste sites, Telegram/ICQ/IRC groups, social media, mail lists etc.

You can easily follow the automatically eliminated and manually detected findings from the notification e-mails that will reach you.

In addition, you can provide an additional layer of security by integrating Cyberthint’s constantly up-to-date threat database with your various security products via API.


Cyberthint's effective maneuverable cyber intelligence analysts work in places where automation cannot penetrate.


Cyberthint automation becomes the eye of your digital assets in cyberspace by performing regular scans.


15+ Countries Worldwide
Next-Gen Qualified Honeypots

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Threat Hunting
Get in-depth, up-to-date, and global knowledge of specific threats and attack sources that are hard to access for security professionals who can only access data within their networks.

Cyberthint's advanced threat database feed service works in a hybrid structure. It feeds from open source feeds, some commercial resources, and Cyberthint's private honeypot network.

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Transforming All Sources into Actionable Intelligence
Cyberthint's threat data streams use widely supported formats of TXT, JSON, CSV, STIX/TAXII, making it easy to integrate with existing security products such as Firewall, SIEM. The integration helps deliver the latest information about the threat landscape to predict and prevent threats before they attack.
Powerful API
Cyberthint also offers a complete API for other functions that allow integration with other systems used within organizations.