Use Cases

Get ahead of your adversaries’ next move and respond successfully with actionable information.

Rapid access to information on the Who, What, Why, When, and How of an event is necessary for a successful response to occurrences. By giving you the necessary context for your enemies’ TTPs ((Adversary) tactics, techniques, and procedures), motives, and goals, Cyberthint serves as an extension of your team and helps you be more proactive.

Rich and Timely IoCs

Get IoCs (Indicator of Compromise) that are quick, accurate, and richer in the form of IP, domain, and cryptographic checksum values so that your team can battle, react to, and mitigate known threats.

Analysis of Suspicious Files

By examining suspicious and possibly dangerous files, you may advance your threat intelligence skills and strengthen current preventive measures.

Phishing Takedown

Start the takedown procedure to deactivate and ban access to identified phishing sites that are stealing data from your customers or workers with only one click.

Coverage of the Dark Web

Get quick and precise results from the most hidden areas of the whole web, such as black markets, darknet, and the TOR network, thanks to big data.

APT Group Monitoring

Learn vital information on the activities of state-sponsored APT groups so that you may stay current on the new and evolving tools they employ to conduct their international operations, which may be in line with current IoAs.

Quick Analysis

Utilizing Cyberthint’s big data-powered threat intelligence capabilities will help the team get operational context on threats, enabling them to comprehend and evaluate the incident’s core cause.

Gaining Knowledge About Trends

Increase the effectiveness of your incident response by closely monitoring global cyber threat news and vulnerability trends that are specific to your industry, geography, TTPs, or customized keywords.


Start ingesting threat intelligence streams through API to effectively fight the most recent malspam, phishing, or DDoS schemes that have been discovered by utilizing millions of real-world data points.



Cyberthint is an unified cyber threat intelligence platform. Everything you need is on a single platform! With Cyberthint, you can monitor and identify advanced threats and take early action.