Use Cases

Malicious activity targeting your company is being monitored 24/7

Cyber Patrol

A comprehensive deep/dark web monitoring solution from Cyberthint enables businesses to see dangers across the surface, deep, and dark web and to take appropriate countermeasures. We provide actionable intelligence to assist you in proactively securing your organization using our unmatched reconnaissance capabilities and threat analysis. SOC teams are able to seize control of the outside world outside of their boundaries thanks to the combination of automated external cyber intelligence and a committed analytic team.

Monitoring Cybercrime

Cybercriminals can buy and sell personal information anonymously on the deep web. To discover this information, they employ specialized search engines that are not accessible to the general public. Make the invisible visible with Cyberthint.

Innovative Intelligence

Because it serves as a sanctuary for illegal behavior, the deep web is notorious. Everything from child pornography and drug trafficking to fraud and identity theft may be found on the deep web. Cyber security experts can learn about new risks and create defense plans for their organizations by monitoring unlawful activity on the deep web. Being one step ahead of criminals requires this kind of threat intelligence.

Detect Threats Ahead of Time

Having the ability to spot threats at the very start of the cyber death chain will help your defense systems for dealing with the inevitable cyberattacks.

Improve Your Capability for Threat Hunting

Discover the dark web, which creates a difficult environment for identifying threats because it is anonymous and making rules is difficult.

Take Preventative Measures Against a Wide Range of Threats

Continuously monitor the underground/hacker forums/channels/groups with many sub-platforms split into different categories which are well-divided for trading of a broad variety of malicious activities such as vulnerabilities, exploits, botnets, malware, data dumps, hacking as a service, ransomware, ransomware as a service, backdoor, remote access and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) trading.

Security Driven by Intelligence

Information collecting and analysis play a crucial role in this strategy, since they help to spot emerging risks far before they become actual problems. Deep/Dark web monitoring is an integral part of this strategy.



Cyberthint is an unified cyber threat intelligence platform. Everything you need is on a single platform! With Cyberthint, you can monitor and identify advanced threats and take early action.